Health systems financing – what’s gender got to do with it?

On 1st July, the RinGs programme held an open webinar on gender and health systems financing – ‘Health systems financing – what’s gender got to do with it?

Chaired by ReBUILD’s Sophie Witter (who also gave one of the presentations), this event brought together an excellent and diverse panel, who started off by presenting various perspectives on issues of gender in health systems strengthening which included: macro perspectives (through the lens of working towards universal health coverage); reviews of what the literature says, and the key gaps; experiences and case study from India on the effects of health sector reforms from a gender perspective. After a commentary from ReBUILD’s Sarah Ssali, with her own perspectives from Uganda, the panel addressed a wide range of questions and comments from the on-line audience.

You can access a recording of the whole webinar here. The very active exchanges on social media during the webinar have been summarised in a short Storify. And don’t miss Sophie Witter’s excellent blog on this webinar!

This is the second webinar that ReBUILD has been actively involved in recently with our partners, following another successful webinar on research needs for health systems in fragile and conflict affected states in May, by the Thematic Working Group on Health Systems Research in Fragile and Conflict Affected States. We are finding this format is an excellent way both of communicating research and experiences, and of getting high quality input and discussions from interested colleagues throughout the world.

The RinGs programme is a partnership between three health systems focused Research Programme Consortia (RPC): Future Health SystemsReBUILD and RESYST, and is working to understand and encourage a gendered approach to the study of health care-seeking; financing and contracting; governance; and human resources. RinGs is funded by the UK Department for International Development


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