Webinar on research agenda and priorities for health systems in fragile and conflict-affected states

With talk of ‘wake up calls’ and ‘windows of opportunity’ the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has prompted attention to health systems in conflict-affected and fragile states. This focus is welcomed. But how can research support strengthened systems which suit the needs and desires of citizens from a range of countries that have been touched by conflict? How should we prioritise our support? Where do we need to build an evidence base?

On Wednesday 27th May, 2-4pm an open webinar is being held by the Thematic Working Group on Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States, to help with the process of defining a research agenda. This webinar is an opportunity to hear more about the methodology that they are using, their preliminary findings, and to add your voice to the process to help strengthen their work. Inputs from a range of stakeholders from academia, civil society, policy, the health workforce and beyond, are encouraged. Please do circulate this invitation to people in your networks.

Click here for full details and to register for the webinar


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