Small grants available: for Research Engagement Events on health systems issues in fragile and conflict-affected settings


Some small grants for research engagement events are available from the Thematic Working Group on Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict Affected States.

The purpose of the Group is to promote, share and support new research that draws upon the breadth of knowledge and experience of key actors in health in fragile and conflict affected states to contribute to the development and implementation of responsive health systems, and thus improved population health and well-being through support to a range of research, policy and advocacy actions. As part of this work we are undertaking a research needs-assessment exercise in order to devise a roadmap of potential priority areas for further exploration.

The Group needs to ensure that our work properly supports our stated purpose, has the desired impact and that we are in touch with stakeholders who represent the frontline of the health system. Learning from the field of research uptake suggests that research is more likely to be relevant, accessed, and used if key stakeholders are engaged in the process of knowledge generation from the outset. Communication with our members has been built into the research process through face-to-face meetings, surveys and a proposed webinar. On behalf of the Group, the secretariat would like to deepen this engagement by encouraging a series of stakeholder meetings in diverse settings to stimulate thinking and provide us with further information on practical real life challenges from fragile and conflict-affected audiences.


  • To facilitate a process of shared learning on health systems in different fragile and conflict-affected settings among researchers, policy makers, implementers, health care workers, and civil society actors
  • To capture this knowledge in the form of diverse meeting recordings and outputs
  • To feed this learning into our research process and communications strategy as we move forward with the work of the Group
  • To build our networks and create a sense of shared ownership among group members, particularly those in fragile and conflict-affected settings who sometimes struggle to be heard in these debates


We would like to make available small research engagement events grants on health systems issues in fragile and conflict-affected settings relevant to low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The total value of the grants is approximately USD6,000.  It is anticipated that each award will have a value of up to USD2,000 and that up to 3 awards will be made. This new initiative is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The grants are managed by Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK which hosts the secretariat of the Group. Proposals are welcome from any member of the Group’s LinkedIn group through which this call is being exclusively advertised. These engagement events can be stand alone or part of larger initiatives that bring together a diverse range of stakeholders. We would prefer face-to-face meetings but if applicants have innovative ideas for how to engage stakeholders virtually we would be interested to learn more.  We would like the events to devote a small amount of time to disseminate the findings of our research needs study[1].

Applicants should submit a proposal (maximum 4 pages – Word file) outlining their:

  • Rationale (description of why the event is timely and necessary);
  • Description and status of the hosting organisation;
  • Audiences (a breakdown of the likely number and type of participants and their relevance to health systems in fragile and conflict-affected states);
  • Potential speakers;
  • Meeting methodology (how the event will be run);
  • Communications strategy (description of anticipated products, forms of dissemination and/or engagement with participants and other target audiences post-meeting);
  • Timetable of Work (reports and final accounts need to be submitted by 31st August 2015); and
  • Proposed budget (funds may be used towards the cost of hiring a venue; ground travel; refreshments; meeting communication, including printing and publication)


The applications will be evaluated by the Steering Committee of the Group. We aim to ensure geographical diversity in successful proposals and in the types of hosting organisations. The proposals will be assessed, in equal measure, on:

  • Their ability to help our Group meet its overall aim of “promoting, sharing and supporting new research that draws upon the breadth of knowledge and experience of key actors in health in fragile and conflict affected states to contribute to the development and implementation of responsive health systems”;
  • The relevance and diversity of proposed participants;
  • And the robustness of plans to document discussions and synthesise relevant learning.


The deadline for submissions of proposals is midnight (UK time) on 15th May 2015. Applicants should submit their proposal electronically to the TWG secretary at: Decisions on successful applications will be made and communicated to all who submit proposals by early June 2015.


Any enquiries about this call should be sent to the Group secretary at:

[1] Details will be provided along with a presentation that you can use.