BuzzFeed: Everything You’ve Ever Needed To Know About Health Systems

If you work on health systems research you may be asking yourself – what on earth is BuzzFeed, and why should I care?

Well, BuzzFeed is an online news portal that creates and aggregates content (using the term news lightly as there are a lot of ‘fun’ stories on the site, kittens in dresses, that kind of thing). BuzzFeed authors have a fondness for lists, infographics and quizzes. It is the type of content that you regularly see shared on Facebook and other social media sites. It is very popular with younger people. In terms of audience an estimated 24 percent range between the ages 18-24; 28.7 percent are between 25 and 34 (figures from May 2013).

If we are serious about making health systems research accessible then we need to be experimenting with new formats for sharing ideas. We need to find routes to audiences who are never going to engage with our research through a journal article or even an editorial in the daily newspaper. Which is why we are delighted that our colleague Jeff Knezovich of Future Health Systems has put together a fabulous BuzzFeed ‘Everything You’ve Ever Needed To Know About Health Systems.’ He explains:

“New to the wonderful world of health systems? Then this post is for you! Whether you’re a wonk that needs to brush up, a student, a health care practitioner or just an interested and engaged citizen – this primer is full of everything you’ve ever needed to know about health systems and how they function around the world.”

So visit, give it a ‘LOL’, maybe ReTweet. It’s the future!

Photo courtesy of Nina J. G.

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