I’m an expert in healthcare in developing countries and conflict zones, AMA

As part of the Nossal Annual Forum Barbara McPake is taking part in a Reddit “IAmA”. This is an online forum where users post “AMAs” (for “Ask Me Anything”) and others can ask questions on a particular topic. Anyone can join in, you just need to register with Reddit (which takes seconds).

Barbara is a health economist specialising in health policy and health systems research in low- and middle-income countries. She is Director of the Nossal Institute for Global Health and heads the ReBUILD Consortium (along with Tim Martineau).

So far Barbara’s fielded a range of questions:

  • How much should the USA worry about the Ebola virus? Does it have the potential to spread like in other parts of the world?
  • In a perfect world – assuming everything was to run perfectly! – how should emergency responses to health crises function?
  • How often and in what ways does superstition get in the way of you and yours trying to help?

Join in the conversation by following this link http://nr.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2jq70t/im_an_expert_in_healthcare_in_developing/

Go on, ask her anything…


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